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Man languishing in detention after exposing examination leaks

This is very difficult for me to do because I know I may get injured somewhere along the line but a life is a life and the truth must be spoken because history will judge us in future. When two weeks ago, Hon. Joseph Ssewungu submited on the floor of parliament, that Minister, and my name sake Hon John Muyingo is pushing for phasing out teachers with diplomas, some took it for a mere statement of presence, yet in fact there was a deeper issue he, Hon Ssewongu was not saying.

By default, Minister Muyingo is a patron of mine. Unfortunately, he runs a series of schools, which schools are also examination centres and has been recently been unearthed, are centres of examination malpractices. We all want our children to exel but at what cost.

An innocent and honest man, Mr Richard Okello, as I write is being moved from one detention facility to another for exposing leaked examinations to pupils of Seeta Junior School. Also detained are two police officers and several UNEB officials who exposed the racket. All this thanks to John, who is using his power to protect his empire and destroy the lives of innocent children and of those who want to ensure that children learn the right way.

I have been informed of Mr Okello’s current detention area. I will do my best to reach and see him. For now, this is what I can report. It is sad but happening.

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