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Making the Masterpiece Album: Process over Chance – By Angella Katatumba.

A few months ago, a team of creatives came together with a simple idea of creating a sound art piece. An Audio Body of work that would be push the boundaries on what Ugandan music is and what it should sound like.
Looking back at the handwork and sacrifice that everyone involved in this music making process put in makes me feel so happy and excited about the direction of our music industry. From the Songwriters, Vocal directors, the producers, the Instrumentalists, the DJs and our executive producer/ founder here at Masters Entertainment, Master Brisco. A lot of work has gone into this Album and we are very confident that everyone who listens to this work will find something they can love and enjoy
Making an Album is never an easy feat as days of endless revisions, sleepless nights and for those of you who know what its like creating a digital product in our beloved country Uganda where UMEME load shedding alone can kill the creative process. But having spent over 20 years in this industry, its very refreshing to experience a professional and smooth song making process here at Masters. The Masters team has prioritized a simple process to ensure high quality music, and in turn has ended up creating a hit cladded Album.
MASTERPIECE – The Album is a body of work containing 15 Tracks written, mixed and Mastered here at Masters records with the wonderful team of Producers, Vocal directors, Songwriters who are all young and full of energy. I am glad to say that the future of our music industry is in safe hands because its so nice to see a new group of Talented people who are very focused, passionate and love what they do. We Joke around that this is a Big Budget Album achieved in a Guerrilla type of working. May I request all the people who have worked on the Album to stand up for recognition as you have been introduced before.
The songs on this Album all have a personal place in my heart and some do feel very vulnerable, i am very sure that the Angella Katatumba Army is going to love every track and for the new people who discover this album we also hope you enjoy what we have delivered to you.
This Album has an easy listening experience and the team has worked tirelessly to ensure that every tracks stands out and works together with each other. Allow me Unveil to you all the Tentative Album Artwork for this Album.
(Angella Unveils Artwork)
The Album is going to be made available publicly 1 month from today, that is September 30th, 2022 on all Digital stores. We shall also have an Album Listening party that night where i believe we shall be performing some of these tracks in a new format of the “Masterpiece” Album
The Name Masterpiece was arrived at with a unanimous decision because we believe and stand by this musical asset we are sharing with you today! We believe that music should be able to live on and be enjoyed for years to come. We set out to make great music, with stories and emotions so that even when the Hype has passed, you will load this album up and take it for a spin in your car, house, office or even your parties.
The Album Listening/Release party will also be held on September 30th, 2022 at the Viewpoint, Hotel Diplomate. I encourage all of you to attend that event, I believe everyone here will have a ticket. All information about this day will be announced on all social media and the Poster will also be shared soon.
I want to thank all of you for coming on such a busy monday and we hope you have questions for us and anyone on the Panel to answer. Thank you all Be Blessed!

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