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Kinyoro Vendors Decry Unfair Treatment by Lugazi Municipal Law Enforcement Officers

Vendors of Kinyoro market dealing in clothes in Lugazi municipality, Buikwe district have raised their concerns about the mistreatment from the municipal’s law enforcement officers while they work.
The vendors, who operate along the roadside of Church road every Wednesday, were granted permission from the municipal town clerk, Katunda Muhuru to put their items along the road for sell as one of the ways of boosting their sales. The roadside market attracts about 300 vendors from the districts of Mukono, Kampala, Wakiso, Kayunga, Jinja among others.
Lamech Mugerwa one of the vendors says that they invest a lot of transport to come to the market however, upon reaching Lugazi, they are not allowed to operate due to reasons they cannot understand.
“You put in a lot of money to come to the market to sell your goods, however, you get inconvienced by the police and the municpal’s law enforcement officers before making back any profits.” He said
Grace Namaleffe said the unnecessary battles with the municipal enforcement officers, police and some UPDF solders has affected their business.
“When our customers start seeing police, soldiers all over the market they stop coming due to fair. And this is affecting us.” She said
Betty Kazibwe another vendor, said the presence of the law enforcers has affected how they operate in the market and as well as their livelihood. She then appeals to the municipality leadership to intervene on the matter so that they can work.
“When customers see the police they fear coming because of themwhich has affected our business.” She said
Gerald Mukula, the chairperson of Lugazi Vendor’s Market Association said that although they tried to relocate them, the new place is not strategically located as their old one and is full of thieves.
He also noted that their good are often take by the law enforcement authorities however, they are denied once they go demanding them.
On speaking to the Lugazi municipality town clerk Muhuru, he hesitantly said that he is yet to speak to the law enforcement team on the matter.

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