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King Saha Decries Disappearance Of Managers In US

Reports coming in reveal that singer Manisul Semanda aka King Saha is too stressed over various issues following the disappearance of his two managers in the USA two months ago. Reports say that King Saha travelled for some shows in the USA around July with his two managers Sam Mukasa and Ricky Mutebi. However after the conclusion of the music tour, Mukasa and Mutebi managed to escape from the artiste and disappeared to try their hands at kyeyo in the land of opportunities.

Manager Sam Mukasa

Latest info reveals that Saha is now faced with several creditors who have been coming up demanding their money from the two managers. We have learnt that some of the people demanding money from King Saha are promoters who claim they had booked some shows from the two managers. We hear apart from debts from the said booked shows, the two managers had their personal debts of which they want Saha to clear because the two were working for him. Meanwhile, we hear Saha is also struggling to get a replacement which has affected his career because his music promotion is no longer prospering after the disappearance of the two managers.

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