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Kenzo just sings to make money but Lutaaya aspired to perfection- Alex Mukulu.

Music analyst and playwright, Alex Mukulu has taken offence to the ongoing comparison between musicians Edirisa Musuuza alias Eddy Kenzo and the late Philly Bongole Lutaaya.
Recently, while commenting on re-doing Lutaaya’s ‘Born In Africa’ song, Kenzo boldly claimed he was more popular and successful than Lutaaya.
“All I can say about that song is one thing, I redid that song not because I wanted to be bigger out there. I am already big. I have songs that have millions of views and that song of the late has had about one million views for the past couple of years. It means, Philly doesn’t have a song that is bigger than mine. Numbers do not lie!” Kenzo recently claimed.
However, according to Mukulu, it was wrong for Kenzo to compare himself to Lutaaya, who according to the analyst, never competed with fellow musicians but rather focused on building a powerful legacy.
“Philly did not just want to compete with other musicians but aspired to come up with his own style. So, those aspiring to compete with him have some problems. How can we compare them with him yet at this stage, he had built a more powerful legacy?” Wondered Mukulu while appearing on BBS.
Mukulu, who was childhood friends with Lutaaya added that most of the musicians comparing themselves to Lutaaya only make music to make money unlike Lutaaya who focused on making thoughtful and impactful music.
”You can sing with the intention of making money while someone else can sing for perfection. Today’s musicians are only after making money and have the gift of doing that through music. If you sing about people, you want to change their lives postively, something Lutaaya perfectly did ,” Mukulu said, adding “The talent of singing comes from God and Phily had that,”
It should be recalled that in his controversial remarks, Kenzo further suggested that by redoing Lutaaya’s ‘Born In Africa’ song, he had helped to make the song bigger.
“I respect the legend a lot and it’s why I redid that song. I redid the song so that I can push it further for people that didn’t know it.” Kenzo said.
However, Mukulu does not agree, and thinks the remake, benefits Kenzo not Lutaaya as the BET Award winner put it.
”He helped himself. He didn’t help Philly Lutaaya. He helped himself to ride on the song which is loved by many. He didn’t help anyone but himself,” Mukulu said.

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