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Katumwa to Nansana Municipality

Lion of Nansana Municipality – Katumwa David Steele

“I have lots of great visions for Ugandans, am a self-made billionaire who started from zero to billions, i have made and won deals for myself and i will make and win deals for my nation if elected as an MP ( Nansana munispality) just give me a chance and see.

The answer to this question is in my manifesto.

Our constitution is a very painful issue i’d rather not talk about it for now.

Am a successful business man, a good nagotiator so i will nagotiate the best for the people of Nansana munispality.

Education is no 1 if you are to make a country rich its even more impotant than minerals, for example: DR congo has more than 30% of the world’s most expensive minerals like gold but the people of congo are among the poorest in the world simply because they can’t turn their raw minerals into expensive finished products, whereas Japan a country with very little minerals is among the richest in the world because of its educated citizens like the Toyota family who develop expensive hitec equipments like cars and computer and sale them world wide at a huge profit.

All votes are equal but an opnion leader’s vote is more equal since it influences lots of non partisan votes.

As a devoloping country, Uganda deserve a leaders with much love for development and am one of them.

Am almost done with my research on challenges of our deffence, climate change and economy so i will tell you when my results are out.

Ugandans should be extremely free to decide leaders of their choice witbout intimidation since their vote is their sole power to do so acording to our suprime law.

I’m sory but my manifesto is too confidential for now because my political opponents may steal my ideas meanwhile it’s not me wanting to join politics but rather the people of Nansana munispality requested me to become their voice in 2021 and i don’t want to disappoint them.

Am an indipendent politician who is going to work with all political parties to serve the Nansaners. Up coming politicians should aim at serving their voter rather than their personal interest.” Katumwa Says.

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