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Kaisha Dog Trainers Will Make Your Dog Keep You Safer Than Armed Security Guards

By Keefa Nuwahereza

Askaris or private security guards are not safe anymore. They can rob, rape and murder people they are hired to guard! That’s why the best security at your home is a well-trained, loyal dog.

At Kaisha Dog Trainers Uganda, we provide exactly that. We can either train your dog into becoming a loyal, humble but fierce guard at home, or sell you a dog we have raised and trained into guard that is more reliable than any Askari from any security company in Uganda.

One of the experienced Trainers at Kaisha Dog Trainers

Besides, this is a guard who don’t demand you for salary or sleep on the job!

At Kaisha Dog Trainers we  have all breeds of of dogs and boast of a highly skilled team that will train your dog until it qualifies to be both a security animal and a pet.

Kaisha Dog Trainers is giving you big discounts this festive season

For instance we deal in German Shepherds, which are a security force to reckon with. But did you know they can be trained to serve both as pets and as security?

Did you know that they have the intellectual capacity to learn and draw a clear distinction between family, friends and security threats?

These and many more lessons are the reason we’re your number one solution for dog related matters in Uganda. Let’s talk business: Call 0414663088/0777385376

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