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Indian investor accused of raping a female job seeker.

The Mukono Chief magistrates court has charged Indian investor Singh Sher Shekhawat with forcing a female friend to apply for a job.
Singh Sher Shekhawat was charged before Judge Mukoye Maureen of the Mukono grade one, with one count of sexually forcing a woman without her consent, contrary to the Ugandan constitution section 123 and 124.
According to the prosecution, Singh Sher Shekhawat a Salesman at Steema Industries allegedly committed the act on 13th march 2023 at his apartment which is next to Steema Industries factory in Namanve, Mukono district.
However, Judge Mukoye adjourned the case till March 16, 2023, as there is still evidence to be gathered and the investor was remanded in custody at Kawuga government prison.
The 28 year old woman who preferred anonymity, told us that she went to the company looking for a job after calling a number she found on a billboard, and when she arrived she was told that the job available was to work as a sales person for the company.
She added that the suspect sent his men to take her to his room for further discussion about her newly attained job, but when she reached the room Singh grabbeo her and raped her and then chased her away after sex.
“He grabbed me while asking me to give him sex for he was going to give me a better job, I tried to resist but overpowered and had unprotected sex with me, he immediately chased me out of his room” Said the victim.
She further expressed her fear that her life’s in danger as receives threats on her Whatsapp thus calling for the ministry of labor and the Ugandan Indian community to intervene.

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