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Imam Who Unknowingly Married Man, Lover Jailed Over Homosexuality

By Keefa Nuwahereza

A Muslim cleric who purportedly married a woman who later turned out to be a man has been jailed together with his gay lover for indulging in homosexuality, who  was exposed after being arrested by police for theft.

Sheikh Mohammed Mutumba, the Imam of Kyampisi Masjid Noor who unknowingly wedded a fellow man in the Islamic culture (Nikah) was Thursday arraigned in court, where he was charged with having carnal knowledge with a person against the order of nature, and remanded to Ntenjeru prison.

Appearing before the Kayunga Grade One magistrate Ms Irene Akello, Sheikh Mutumba, 27, was not allowed to take plea because his case can only be heard by a higher court.

Sheikh Mutumba, is jointly charged with Richard Tumushabe alias Swabullah Nabukeera, his ‘wife’, who he didn’t know was a man until he was exposed by police. 

Prosecution alleges that Sheikh Mutumba and Tumushabe, committed the offence of homosexuality in December 2019. The duo are to reappear in court on January 24, for further hearing of the cases against them.

Sheikh Mutumba wedded Tumushabe unknowingly and it is the police that uncovered his true gender when officers searched him before taking him to cells on charges of stealing a television set and clothes of their neighbour.

According to Kayunga District Police Commander, Mr John Lukooto, Tumushabe had duped a number of men who fell in love with ‘her’ and but he/she later stole their money and fled from their homes.

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