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IGG Mulyagonja appointed Court of Appeal judge, as Nakalema becomes rooted


Out of favor Inspector General of Government (IGG), Irene Mulyagoja has been appointed a judge in the Court of Appeal.

Mulyagonja’s appointment was made by President Museveni and forwarded to parliament for approval.

Also appointed to the court of appeal are; Monica Kalyegira and Kibeedi Muzamiru.

In the same appointment, Museveni 12 candidates to the High Court, who include among others; Odoki Phillip, Esther Nambayo, Boniface Wamala, Jane Okuo, and Jeanne Rwakakoko.

In May, a concerned citizen wrote to the Judicial Service Commission to block her appointment at the Court of Appeal.

“The judiciary being an arm of government and is mandated to dispense justice, without fear or favour, it should therefore staffed with people of integrity but unfortunately hon. Iren Mulyagonja does not fit in that category and will bring the judiciary into disrepute,”the concerned citizen says in a petition to the Judicial Service Commission.

“She has exhibited gross incompetency, high handedness, nepotism and other corruption tendencies while executing her work as IGG.”

Time and again, President Museveni expressed his displeasure over the performance of the Inspectorate of Government.

During the 9th Commonwealth Regional Conference for Heads of Anti-Corruption Agencies in Africa last week Museveni said he didn’t appoint Edith Col. Nakalema [the head of Corruption Unit) to fight Mulyagonja but rather help her fight corruption where she had failed.

“When we noticed the dangers corruption posed, we created new laws, new institutions like IGG, to fight the vice. But over time, the fire in them burnt out. Most likely they were infiltrated. That explains why I have to stoke the fire with new watchmen like the Anti-Corruption Unit to watch over the old watchmen,” Museveni said.

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