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‘I Quit My Banking Job To Start Personal Business And I Don’t Regret’- Kamuganga

By Keefa Nuwahereza

Many youth think that they cannot start up their own companies or businesses by exercising their entrepreneurial skills.

But for Gadi Kamuganga, a youthful real estate agent running a personal company called ‘Buy A House Kampala Uganda LTD,’ it is a different story.

He tells friends working with big companies in Kampala that they can quit their and start up private businesses but very few believe him.

Kamuganga at one of his projects

However, here below is his very touching story, which he shared with hundreds of thousands of f his followers on social media;
“These pictures speak volumes, that was 2011 after Quitting a Banking Job but couldn’t find another job.

Kamuganga built this property for sale

I decided to join a friend i had met a few months then in Namugongo at a small joint during my usual hustles who introduced me to property agency business.

 He was at that time waiting for his Visa to go abroad and by then online marketing was a new trend with Google trader, Facebook, aiding us to reach into the untapped markets both local and Ugandan customers abroad. 

These shell houses are still under construction by Kamuganga

I later realized my suites could no longer fit me and so decided to change my wardrobe. By then, a few agents knew how to use smart phones or even browse the internet, therefore I quickly noticed there’s potential to tap into my experience of working with computers and technology to add value to the brokerage chains.

Brokers would show me properties, I take pictures and immediately upload them on internet, that gave birth to #buyahouseinkampalauganda for buying and selling properties. 

Currently with over #157,500 Followers on Facebook, 8years down the Road, its been a Journey of mountain climbing with a rough and tough terrain but I thank God for having driven me to this business because I have helped many acquire property, homes, etc and have never cheated anyone.

I stand tall and walk along the streets, my past experience with Accounting and Banking aided me to put more emphasis in attention to details, Honesty, patience, hardwork and setting higher targets.

 In my free time, I write a lot of stuff but I never publish them, and actually whenever I meet my long time clients or friends I share with them certain things which make them wonder, at Equity bank they taught us KYC- know your customers, I maintain a database of all and can call them by both names. My client list is over one thousand. 

If you are reading this post, bear in mind its one of hundred stories I’ve written but for this I’ve published. I thank everyone I’ve worked with, every client that has given me business, Trusted us with their money, referred us to others and my family, my beautiful wife for the support and accepting her husband to work beyond usual times. 

It’s been Eight good years and we shall continue to serve you at buy a house in Kampala Uganda limited. I Thank God for Everything. For the company that was born Eight years ago, Aluta Continua. For us in this business we work 24/7. 

 I wish Everybody a merry Christmas and Happy new year,”

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