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Huawei Donates Video Conferencing Equipment To Help In Coronavirus Fight As Cases Shoot To 23

By Abel Kawere

The management Huawei Uganda on Thursday, March 26, 2020, donated video conferencing equipment to the Ministry of Health, which will help Ministry officials in the fight against Coronavirus.

The equipment, which was handed over by a team of senior managers and IT experts from Huawei Uganda, will help ministry officials interface with each other and or other government officials without necessarily having to meet physically, as a way of maintaining the social distance guideline.

Huawei Uganda MD explaining to Dr Jane Ruth Aceng about the video conferencing machines

Shortly after receiving the equipment from Huawei Uganda, Dr Jane Ruth Aceng, the Minister for Health, wrote thus on social media;

“Thank you Huawei for the donation of video conferencing ICT Solutions to assist in the battle against COVID-19. These shall enable mobile video meetings and communications among staff in various sites such as hospitals and Ministry of Health. The digital package includes: special video terminals and software that connects to more terminals such as phones and computers of the doctors and officers.”

An expert from Huawei Uganda explains to ministry officials how the Video Conferencing equipment works

Minister Aceng also added that “This shall enable real-time communication and interactive content sharing without much risk of physical contact. This system can be connected to its kind in other countries to enable international collaboration. During today’s test, we connected to one Chinese doctor who provided remote consultation. Thank you Huawei. We are grateful for this kind donation. #STAYSAFEUG”

Meanwhile, the number of people who have tested positive for Coronovirus (Covid-19), in Uganda has jumped from 18 to 23 after 5 people tested positive on Friday.

“Out of the 227 samples tested today (Friday), 222 tested negative for Covid-19 while 5 tested positive,” Dr Aceng tweeted.

She added that; “Ugandans please enhance our guidelines and preventive measures. We can prevent the spread of Covid-19 together.”

This is how the video Conferencing Interface looks like

However, Dr Aceng, did not give details of the newly infected people.

But health workers say all the previously confirmed 14 cases are in stable clinical condition and feeding well at Entebbe Grade B, Mulago National Specialised Hospital and Adjumani General Hospital.

She noted that the Ministry of Health is monitoring 1,184 people; 811 of these are under institutional quarantine while 373 are under self- quarantine.

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