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Government Recalls Deadly Drugs From Market Produced By Chinese Pharmacies

By Keefa Nuwahereza

The government of Uganda has through the National Drug Authority (NDA) and Joint Medical Store (JMS), issued a notice recalling assorted drugs from the market, because of their deadly side effects on consumers.

The letter from Joint Medical Store a

According to a notice issued by Emmanuel Higenyi, the JMS Director Technical Service, the drugs that have been recalled  are those manufactured by  Zhenjiang  Pharmaceuticals Co.Ltd and  Grand Pharmaceuticals Limited.

The drugs that have since been banned from sale and  for treatment or use as pain killers include;
Gentamycyn, Oxytocin Injection, Diclofenac Injection, Quinine Injection,  Cloxacillin Injection,  Lidocaine Injection,  Aminophylline,  Atropine Injection, Metoclopramide, Calcium Gluconate, Vitamin B Complex injection, Indocemethacin, Tetracycline Capsules, Prmethazine Injection.

As a result  of the notice, JMS warns the general public to  do the following;Check all your medicine stores, nurse cabins,Patient wards and all other departments for medicines manufactured by  the two manufacturers above.

Provide details regarding quantity and any other inquiries via JMS telephone numbers 0776514703,0753021836 or via email quality quantities to the nearest JMS branch or outlet (JMS Nsambya, JMS Aria, JMS Mbarara,  Virika Pharmaceuticals Fort Portal, Diocese of Jinja  Medical Services, Masaka Diocesan Medical Services).

The details will be verified promptly and we process and deliver replacements as soon as possible.

In case you bought the items from another supply please return them to the supplier and report to the nearest NDA offices.

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