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Four Government Schools In Mukono Risk Not To Open, Due To Land Disputes

The schools that are likely not to open are Ngandu RC primary school, Lweza primary school, Nakagere UMEA P/s and Nakifuna Children’s Voluntary.
Trouble came after the government failed to resolve the land disputes with the landlords hosting these schools.At Nakifuma Children’s Voluntary the school management is stranded with one block left as the others were taken by the landlord Nakitto Aminah.
The school was handed over to the government by the proprietor Zam Serunjogi in 2013 after having failed to run it.
Later after the handover Aminah came to claim ownership of the land and the government agreed to pay the undisclosed amount of money.
However, Nakito the said landlord says that since then they have never received a single coin from the government for 10 years.
“We have been waiting for them to pay us but in vain, so me and my husband decided to take over the school building for the poultry farm.” Said Nakitto.

The Mukono district education officer Rashid Kikomeko, when contacted, confirmed the development. Saying that when the government took over the school didn’t know that the school land title was mortgaged.

“We landed in the trap because the owner of the land didn’t inform us that the land had issues, the bank sold the land to two people Bakaluba Mukasa and Nakitto, but we are under negotiations with them so that we reclaim ownership” Kikomeko revealed.
The area district councilor Sekamate appeals to the government to intervene on the matter as soon as possible. At Ngandu RC Primary school part of the school land including one block, staff quarters and latrine was taken over by Rotary club of Kampala the school remains with 100 x 100 pieces of land, teachers and parents are stranded.

Nakagere UMEA at Goma Division, school land was sold off to rich man Denis Angura, who constructed a house on it, likewise Lweza primary School is the same story as the famous Falasico family claim ownership of the land.
The Mukono district political wing led by the speaker Nakasi Betty blames the District Chief administrative officer and the district education officer, for reluctantly sitting in their offices while government schools are being finished.
“The technical wing has failed to remind the government to financially sort out landlords who host government schools.” Nakasi said

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