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Flies Raids Disability Home in Mukono.

At Nangwa village in Nakisunga district in Mukono, a home for children with disabilities has been raided by flies believed to be from two poultry farms surrounding the home.
At the Elizabeth House of disabilities at Nangwa village, we found that flies had surrounded the whole place and the authorities were confused, as their disabled children were seen being bitten by ants.
At the two farms owned by one Mutesa, a visitor is welcomed by a stench from the chicken waste which was all-over the place with thousands of birds.
Betty Erola, the head of the shelter, said the problem they face is the flies from the poultries surrounding their shelter, which even falls on children who cannot get rid of them because of their gender.
“These children are unable to get rid of the flies on them, we complained to the owners but nothing has ever been done” Erola said.
He added that the children are starting to suffer from diseases including diarrhea, eye diseases and others which has caused them to spend a lot of money because they have to take these children to hospitals almost every day.
“Ever Since these flies raided the home, we are now challenged by the high hospital bills for these children who fall sick” Erola added.
They are not the only victims and residents of various houses where the flies also surrounded them with items including clothes, household items.
The residents also told us about their experiences including covering themselves with nets and locking themselves in their houses for fear of the bad smell from the farms, and that they told the farm owners that they wanted to prevent them from raising livestock.
Local security chief John Lubanga said they are also taking the matter to the relevant authorities at the district and district levels for help but they have not been helped.
Nakisunga sub county council speaker, John Mpanga said they have tried to approach the farm owners to change their working practices but the people have also failed.
“The problem is the cage system they are using while keeping their birds, we asked them to use other modalities but they turned a death ear to our advice” Mpanga noted.
Our efforts to speak to the owners of the farm for comment were futile as they were not around and their phones were off.

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