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Election watch, Kenyans decides today.

The political muscles continue ravaging the country and Kenyans are eagerly waiting to see what will happen today. Deputy President William Ruto men are not happy with Ugandan opposition leader Robert Kyagulanyi famously known as Boni Wine. Bobi Wine tried to fight Museveni in the last elections but ended up being frustrated.
Time is moving with speed amd in his post, Robert Kyagulanyi said that, As part of our mission to observe the #KenyaDecides2022 this Tuesday, I was glad 2 meet & interact with Presidential Candidate Rt. Hon. @RailaOdinga. Another part of our team met with Candidate @WilliamsRuto. Wshng the great ppl of Kenya a free, fair, credible and peaceful election.
These was not well received by majority of UDA party affiliates and according to some,
I now doubt your impartiality in this ‘observance’ crap!
But surely when will u stop shaming this country, u are an amateur at almost everything.
How will the Kenyan people trust your report? Won’t they think its biased?

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