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Eastern Africa military intelligence chiefs meet in Kampala.

The chiefs of military intelligence in Eastern Africa have met in Kampala to discuss security issues affecting the nations and region as a whole.

The one day meeting held at Protea Hotel Skyz in Kampala focused on adopting new measures in managing the volatile security environment, proper assessment of the security risks and a conducive environment and platform to enhance cooperation among other issues.

The Deputy Chief of Defence Forces in the UPDF, Gen Peter Elwelu noted that the meeting comes at a time when the region is experiencing dynamic environmental threats that present major challenges to collective security like climate change, pandemics, terrorism, cross boarder and organised crime, small arms proliferation and cyber security among many others threats.

“The entire Africa faces almost similar challenges therefore coming together will help deal with these challenges that threaten the survival of states”, Gen Elwelu noted.

He explained that without Intelligence, the region cannot do much, citing that the Israelites in the Bible had to send Intelligence first to get to know what was happening .

“Intelligence has been there, time immemorial. Without Intelligence, we are not able to do much.”
He advocated for mutual trust among all stakeholder states to be able to look into the threats objectively and find ways of handling them as a region.

Uganda’s chief of military intelligence who also chaired the meeting, Maj Gen James Birungi that Uganda is peaceful and stable in spite of some threats to national security which he said security forces, in collaboration with other stakeholders are effectively dealing with.

“The country is on a firm steady path of social economic transformation and prosperity for the good of its people and the region,” he emphasised.

He noted that Uganda, just like any other country, continues to be affected by global security dynamics, including the constantly changing and transnational nature of threats.

Maj Gen Birungi stated that addressing these threats requires new ways of thinking and strategies, noting that closer partnerships will help all stakeholders at all levels.

“It is my hope that this forum will contribute to the overall efforts of ensuring peace and stability in the region and beyond.” He said.

Gen Birungi noted that Uganda continues to support all initiatives geared towards regional stability and seeks the support of other partner states and stakeholders.

In attendance were representatives from the Republic of Djibouti, Democratic Republic of Congo, Ethiopia, Somalia, Eritrea, Rwanda, South Sudan, Sudan and Tanzania.

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