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Commissioner General of Prisons encourages every one to take covid 19vaccine

The Commissioner General of Prisons, Dr.Johnson Byabashaija was on Tuesday the first person to take a Covid-19 jab as the Uganda Prisons Services launched immunization of officers.

Speaking at the function held at the Prisons headquarters along Parliamentary Avenue in Kampala, Byabashaija assured the prisons staff and public at large of the safety of the vaccine.

“I am a scientist as you all know and I know how vaccines work. It is the reason I came to take the shot because the side effects of any vaccine and especially in this case are more bearable than getting the virus,”Byabashaija, a professional veterinary doctor said.

“If you are of a more advanced age like me above 60, you are very vulnerable to this virus. Therefore I applaud everybody who was involved in ensuring we get the virus.” 

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