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Coca Cola boosts women-owned businesses.

The beneficiaries of this project are women who own small businesses in various areas of Nateete, Nakulabye, Kazo, Bulenga, and Bujjuko among others.
At the handover ceremony held at Samppro Hotel in Lungujja, Pearl Nimusiima, the CCBU Public Affairs and Communications Manager noted that the partnership is part of Coca-Cola Beverages Africa’s vision of refreshing Africa everyday as they continue to make the continent a better place for all.
“This partnership is part of the company’s mission to empower women with a focus on employability, entrepreneurship and education. The fridges will enable the women to scale their businesses by providing a reliable source of cold storage thus allowing them to provide a cold and refreshing beverage for all their customers,” Nimusiima said.
The BUYEDECO Executive Director, Prince Musanje Rogers, expressed appreciation to CCBU for their contribution in empowering communities. He pointed out that the beneficiaries will now be in position to carry on with their small businesses better
“This partnership is a great example of how companies can work with communities to make a positive impact. Many people in our communities are small business owners and such help means a lot to us,” Rogers said, adding that this is just the beginning of a collaboration between CCBU and BUYEDECO.
The beneficiaries of the project who had received business management training earlier in the day were thrilled to receive the fridges and expressed gratitude to CCBU for the skills and tools to help their businesses to thrive.
They noted that the fridges will boost their sales as many consumers prefer cold beverages and water.
The gesture is one of CCBU’s many initiatives to empower women, youth and people with disabilities in communities in which they operate.
Last year, the company supported the National Association of the Deaf in Mukono district and Makerere Deaf Community with the fridges as a way of improving their businesses.

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