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Chameleone Drops From Monster Rides To Boda-boda

Whatever is happening to popular musician Joseph Mayanja aka Jose Chameleone only God knows, because the singer seems not to be doing good financially or is trying to make ends meet.

This comes after one of our Spies spotted Chameleone riding on a  Boda-boda yesterday along Entebbe Road, yet the singer is known for cruising around in monster rides like a Land Cruiser V8, Range Rover, among others.

However things seem not to be good for Chameleone that he has since dropped to riding on Boda-boda. 

It is not yet clear whether Chameleone had left his rides at home to beat the heavy traffic or he just didn’t have fuel, but he left many of his fans wondering he had decided to hope onto a Boda-boda instead of at least calling Uber. 

Chameleone has been living a quiet life ever since he decided to join politics and announced his intention to contest for the  Kampala Lord Mayoral seat come 2021.

However, it should be noted that Chameleone relocated his family to America last year and it is not yet clear whether he sold some of his cars so as to make ends meet or not.

But sources reveal that he sold his house in Seguku  so as to top up dime and buy his family a house in America and whenever he is in Uganda he either sleeps with relatives or at hotels.

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