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Bwanika shuns crucial NUP meeting after Kyagulanyi hangs him out to dry.

The Opposition National Unity Platform (NUP) president Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu alias Bobi Wine has openly dismissed the opinions of the Member of Parliament for Kimaanya Kabonera Dr Abed Bwanika, urging that they are not in line with the party.
Bobi Wine accuses Bwanika, a member of the NUP of promoting opinions that are divergent from those of the people the party represents.
The disagreement between Bobi Wine and his Member of Parliament emanates from Bwanika’s suggestion that he was ready to meet President Museveni to negotiate the release of NUP supporters and MPs: Muhammad Ssegirinya and Allan Ssewanyana.
In a news interview prior, Bwanika had said that he was ready to meet President Museveni for negotiations on behalf of the party once he obtained permission, insisting that if none of the party bosses was willing to make the move, “I am ready.”
However, in reply, Bobi Wine says that this is not the first time Bwanika is diverting from the general ideas of the majority of the people the party represents.
“I respect Dr Abed Bwanika but this is not the first time he is betraying the opinions of the majority of the people. It should be noted that he even stood with Museveni in 2011 when everyone agreed that the vote had been rigged,” Bobi said.
He said that NUP has given Bwanika and is still giving him chances to redeem himself or expose himself.
“It would have been better if Bwanika had been visiting these people while they were in prison, then I would also understand he wants them out, but he was not there, yet he was rushy to make statements to insinuate that we (NUP) are the ones in wrong,” Bobi said.
The NUP president said that the comments by Bwanika are not representative of the party and they do not agree with him.
“Those are his opinions, not ours,” Bobi said.
Bwanika shuns a crucial meeting
Bobi Wine on Monday held a meeting with all NUP MPs at Makerere Kavule, however, Abed Bwanika was a no-show.
About 30 MPs attended the meeting that was also shunned by a notable absentee: Kazibwe Bashir Mbazira.
Following the meeting, Bobi said that they discussed several matters of great importance to the nation and especially “reminded ourselves of the urgent duty we have to advance the cause of the people to get their freedom from a repressive military dictatorship.”

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