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Bwaise Floods Shifts To Mukono Municipality

Residents in the villages of Nabuti, Lweeza Kitega and Kigombya spent a good part of the day sweeping and mopping water out of their premises following the heavy rains that powered the Kame valley channel in Mukono central division causing water to flood into their houses and businesses

At Kame Washing bay, businesses and transport came to a standstill as pedestrians and Motorists were seen stranded along the way as 100 meters of the road was submerged by the floods.

Nabukenya Iren, a Restaurant owner at Kame Washing baby along Katosi road said that all her food was washed away by the floods thus incurring losses.”Both the cooked food and the one I had stocked have been taken by water” Farmers at Ddandira are counting losses because all their gardens were submerged in the waters.Ronald Sserunkuma, a subsistence farmer says that all his hopes were to sell his tomatoes and cabbages this festive season to raise school fees for his children next year.

In Lweza, a mother of five children is seen on top of her double decker bed protecting her one year baby from the waters that flooded the entire house destroying everything.

Kabona Waswa Nsubuga, a traditional doctor was not spared as his shrine flooded and all his items were washed away by the floods, waswa cried out to the leaders at Mukono Municipality to work upon the Kame valley channel.

Peter Kabanda, the Chairman Mukono central division, shifted the blame to Municipality physical planner, environment officer and law enforcement officers for allowing residents to encroach on the wetlands.

The whole mess rotates on those people who are being corrupted by encroachers. That’s why we face such challenges” furious Kabanda said.

When we contacted the mayor Mukono municipality, Elisa Nkoyoyo Mukasa he erantly denied to comment, saying that he is no aware of the floods

“I cannot comment on something I have not seen you come to my office tomorrow when I am well equipped with the full report,” Nkoyoyo said.

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