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Bishop Ssebagala’s Stand On Pregnant Girls Causes Mixed Reactions

“We won’t recruit any breastfeeding children or those who are pregnant in any of the church founded schools in my diocese, the diocesan synod had agreed to give a second chance only to the children who already gave birth and they are over with breastfeeding.”

That was the statement raised by the Mukono diocese Bishop, James William Ssebagala while confirming children at Kanjuki in Kayunga district.

The statement has since caused mixed reactions amongst leaders, activists and religious leaders.

Child rights activists Lillian Ssengooba, indicated that everyone has a right to attain his or her full potential.

According to Ssengooba, the issue of teenage pregnancies is shared by all the stakeholders since they all have a role to play in averting the problem.

The Adventists bishop, Samuel Kajoba pleaded for pregnant students to be allowed back to school, as schools reopen, there are still a lot of challenges. I appeal to teachers to treat pregnant students with care.

The education ministry in its January 6, circular implored schools to allow female learners who have given birth even if they are still breastfeeding to report back to school, in line with the ministry’s revised guidelines for the prevention and management of teenage pregnancy in school settings in Uganda.

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