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Bar Owners, Partiers Cry Foul Over President Museveni’s Directives On Corona Virus Preventive Measures

By Keefa Nuwahereza

President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni on Wednesday issued directives that are to be followed by all Ugandans  as a way of preventing the spread of the killer Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Among the directives Museveni issued is the closure of bars, restaurants and all hangouts that are usually frequented by partiers all over the country.

However, as a result of this directive, many bar owners all over the country are crying foul, because they will have to spend 32 days out of business, something that’s not good at all for them.

Ritah Karenzi, who owns a bar in Seeta Mukono, told our reporter that “At least government should have closed all others places apart from bars. Remember we have loans, rent and other bills to pay, so how shall we pay them after spending a whole month without working?

In the same vein, partiers  who has been flocking these bars and other night spots are also very unhappy, because most of them have been going to such places to kill stress, hook up with friends and lovers, while others just can’t spend a night without at least a beer or swig of liquor.

Below is a list of all President Museveni’s directives in regard to the prevention of Coronavirus spread;

1.All schools without exception to be closed effective Friday 20th March 2020 beginning midday 

2. All places of worship not to open for one month; can have prayers online 

3. Not public gatherings for politics and culture with immediate effect for 32 days 

4. No Ugandans allowed to go to category one countries for 32 days

5. Ugandans returning home to be put under mandatory quarantine at their own cost

 6. Standard operating procedures for workplaces as guided by ministry of health. The ministry of health to publish the do’s and don’ts

7. Weddings in Uganda being big gatherings of people to be postponed for 32 days; however weddings involving only core stakeholders- less than 10 people- allowed.

8. Funerals – to be carried out by relatives who are nearby. The rituals may be later. Burial of a suspected corona virus victim will be carried out by the state.

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