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Balaam takes singer Alien Skin to Court over 250M.

Events promoter Balaam Barugahara Ateenyi has revealed how Deluxe Lounge, the esteemed entertainment hub of Mbarara, Western Uganda, is considering legal action against singer Alien Skin, following a breach of contract that left the venue and its patrons high and dry during a much-anticipated event scheduled for October 28, 2023.
The looming lawsuit, initially announced by events promoter Balaam Barugahara Ateenyi, stems from Alien Skin’s failure to fulfill his performance obligations as agreed upon in the contract inked with Deluxe Lounge.
The contractual arrangement laid out the terms and conditions, including the substantial fee agreed upon, reflective of Alien Skin’s immense popularity and talent. Fans had eagerly anticipated his performance, but on the event day, Alien Skin was conspicuously absent, leaving Deluxe Lounge and its patrons in disappointment and frustration.
The breach of contract not only resulted in financial losses for Deluxe Lounge but also dented the venue’s hard-earned reputation as a dependable and illustrious entertainment destination. The venue had put considerable effort into preparations, encompassing advertising, ticket sales, and logistical arrangements.
Deluxe Lounge had invested significant time, effort, and resources to ensure the event’s success, expecting a massive turnout of eager fans looking forward to Alien Skin’s performance. Given the circumstances, Deluxe Lounge is seeking Ugx 250 million in compensation from Alien Skin to redress the financial harm suffered by the establishment. Alien Skin is urged to settle this sum within 14 days; non-compliance will lead to legal action without further notice.