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B2C Group ‘Kill’ Late Mowzey Radio’s Mother With X-mas Happiness

By Keefa Nuwahereza

Members of popular singing group B2C today  surprised fallen singer Moses Sekibogo aka Mowzey Radio’s mother Jane Kasubo at her home in Kagga, Wakiso district, where they treated her to an early Christmas.

Some of the X-mas Goodies B2C boys gave to Mowzey Radio’s mother

The B2C singers surprised Radio’s mother by taking her lots of goodies that will make her Christmas a very memorable one.

They also gave her a goat to slaughter on X-mas

Some of the goodies they took her include foodstuffs like Matooke, rice, sugar, soda, chicken and a goat, which she will share with her the rest of her family members.

Radio’s mother Jane Kasubo poses with the B2C boys

The B2C boys thanked Radio’s mother for producing a very talented who inspired and helped them a lot to attain the success that they enjoy today, because he was one of their biggest mentors.

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