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Assailants attack priests at nakanyonyi school of mission, injures two.

The attack on Gorover C Wilcox school of Mission in Mukono is believed to have been caused by a land dispute between tenants and Mukono diocese. The land in contention is situated at Nakanyonyi village in Mukono district.
At the scene we found that the attackers had already fled and we found pangas and knives abandoned, but the preachers also got out of their way and knocked down the houses that were being built on their land illegally
Police from Nagalama division swung into action to restore sanity at the scene, they searched the house where the attackers were staying but it was empty.
The preachers later launched a manhunt for the assailants and arrested some people and handed them over to police. The preachers told us that they are in fear because they could be attacked by the goons at any time and they are asking for more security.
We are living in fear that these assailants might come back and rape us, we need security. Said the female priest.
Samuel Kamuze and Herbert Mwene, who were badly injured in the attack, described the situation as they were beaten by a group of youths who were armed with pangas and iron bars. They said they tried to defend themselves but were overpowered by the numbers of the assailants.
The situation forced the sworn-in Bishop of Mukono Enosi Kitto Kagodo to rush to Nakanyonyi to see what happened, and condemned the abuse of religious leaders.
Bishop Enos Kagodo urged the government and police to seriously handle the matter because it is now a security threat to priests at the school of mission and it will result in bloodshed because priests are not angels
These people they are beating are also human beings they can also defend themselves but I would not like such to happen, police and government do the needful. Said Enos Kitto
Nagalama Police led by Asp Muhofa Ron assured the Mukono Diocese that they will do their utmost to ensure that the situation is restored by mobilizing their men to patrol the land and urged the Priests not to fight back but to wait for the police.
Although residents claim they have settled on the land for more than 30 years, the Church insists it legally owns the 400-acre piece of land and wants to develop it.The land was donated to the Church by the late Ham Mukasa in 1921.

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