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ADF rebels slaughter students abducted from Kasese School.

Days after the attack on Lhubiriha Secondary School in Kasese, ADF rebels have painted social media with videos slaughtering the students they abducted.
On the wee hours of Friday morning, Ugandans woke up to the shocking news of an attack that left about forty students killed, 8 injured while an unknown number was abducted.
Security has arrested 20 people including the Headmaster and Director of Lhubiriha Secondary School for questioning since they were suspected to be collaborators of the ADF.
The arrest of suspected collaborators follows reports by the UPDF Mountain Division Commander, Gen Dick Olum that the attackers had spent two days in the area prior to the attack and that they could have been helped out by some of the locals.
Now in a video circulating on social media, suspected rebels are visible slaughtering for young boys suspected to be a section of students who were abducted from the school on the fateful night.
The First Lady who also doubles as the Education Minister, Janet Kataaha Museveni in a press briefing on Saturday said the school could have been attacked by people hired by rivals claiming ownership of the school.

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