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Chameleone Faces Arrest Over Assault, Accused Of Using Juju To Frustrate Musicians

By Elite News Reporter

Randy musician Joseph Mayanja aka Jose Chameleone, of the Leone Island group, is in deep trouble after allegedly fighting at famous Producer Diggy Baur’s Cyclone Studio in Makindye, where he allegedly beat one of the studio managers.

It is alleged that Chameleone stormed Diggy Baur’s studio over the weekend, demanding for a song he had asked them to produce, but they hadn’t finalized it.

Chameleone, who is said to have been dead drunk, allegedly started quarreling and causing commotion. However, when the studio managers tried to show him out, the singer lost his cool and instead of going out peacefully, he started fighting.

During the scuffle, he allegedly destroyed studio equipment and damaged Diggy Baur’s car, before he was finally thrown out of the studio promises.

However, Diggy Baur, who has since reported cases of assault and malicious damage to property against Chameleone, has vowed to teach the musician cum politician a lesson he will never forget his entire life.

Following the saga, producer Diggy Baur shared a video on social media in which he spits fire at Chameleone, whom he accuses of frustrating fellow musicians like Clever J and others by using Magini (Evil Spirits).

In the said video, Baur accuses the Leone Island boss of disrespecting his brand and his workers.

 “It’s so sad and strange to see one of the best musicians Uganda has had in the past years to have no manners. In addition, it’s also strange to see the so-called “Legend” to run for Lord Mayor for the 2021/2026 without discipline. I producer Diggy Baur, I am so disappointed with the Leone Island Boss Dr. Jose Chameleone alias Joseph Mayanja… I have come out today to uncover the whole naked truth about the evil singer because of his evil deeds,” Baur said in the video.

He also revealed how Chameleone ended once Uganda’s superstar Clever J’s talent with Juju alias African chemistry.

Diggy Baur also vowed never to work with hypocrites like Chameleone again, saying he is ready to take on the battle with him since he is good at intimidating young producer and frustrating others with his Juju.

Baur adds that “I am not scared of you evil man, because I have never received any help from the Mayanja family. In fact, you are sh*t… Who gave you the audacity to get my studio and frustrate my people at the studio? I have done amazing projects for you but you have never appreciated me as an individual… Therefore I am issuing you the very last warning to back off and never return to my studio… My team and I are going to sue you and you will have to pay for the damages you have caused you fool… Finally, stop ruining young talent “Mizi Gwe!”

It should be noted that Diggy Baur is the one who produced Chameleone’s ‘Achai Wee’, which he sang for a South Sudanese sugar mummy who gifted him with a white Land Cruiser TX,, which was seized by the Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) in April this year after he failed to clear its taxes.

However, it is not only Baur who is accusing Chameleone of allegedly using Juju. One renowned musician Red Banton also claimed a few years back that Chameleone allegedly destroyed his music career after applying very strong Juju on him, yet it is he (Banton) who mentored Chameleone into becoming the big-name musician he is today.

Baur has worked on a couple of projects with different artists from the Ugandan Music Industry for example Eddy Kenzo, Jose Chameleone, etc…

However, this comes a few days after Chameleone’s young brother Douglas Mayanja aka Weasel also attacked a producer in Makindye, where he destroyed studio equipment and stole some computer hardware.

However, by the time of filing this story, efforts to talk to Chameleone for a comment about the matter were futile since he couldn’t be reached on his known phone numbers.

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