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300 Health Personnel Passed out at St Francis School of Health Sciences

Mukono: At least 256 students have today Friday 27, graduated at St. Francis School of Health Sciences (SFHS) Namataba in Namataba, Mukono district
These were awarded with Certificates and Diplomas in various health department disciplines.
During the ceremony, the Lugazi diocese Bishop Emeritus Mathias Ssekamanya asked them to be exemplary in their work in order to uplift their profession.
He said: “Continue to keep the good ethics. Always serve in humility. Be gentle and kind because the way you treat people will give glory to God and also attract people to the institution.”
“The medical profession is one of the most revered professions but some unscrupulous elements are denting the image in form of corruption, unethical conduct and negligence,” he added
Buruhani Buzige , the Allied Health Professionals Council Education and Training Officer, welcomed the graduates into the heath sector.
He then warned them about indecent dressing while at work. “Always dress like a professional, do not wear clothes that expose your under garments.”
Buzige told them to always give accurate results as the diagnostic services are the back born of effective service delivery.
He said: “Give correct results, observe the rights of patients and do not carry your social economic issues to work and do not transfer these issues to patients.”
“Your qualifications are just a stepping stone to your career, do not stick to the coarse you studied only but rather become a multipurpose person as jobs are few.” He added
However, on Speaking to some of the students, they said that they have been many opportunities but they have been denied due to lack of academic qualifications.
Sumaya Natongo said: “Due to Covid 19,there have been many opportunities for us as medical workers but we never had qualifications to be considered.”
Daisy Kabala, a Public Health graduate, said that the seniors are the ones who are constantly considered for the jobs instead of them.
“Even when opportunities were available, we somehow found ourselves in situations where the seniors were the ones considered for the jobs instead of us.” She said.

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