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‘I Warned You But You Ignored Me-’ Zari Assures Diamond’s Estranged Lover Tanasha

By Elite Reporter

Gorgeous slay Mama Zari Hassan has finally come out to give her side about her ‘Play-Boy’ baby daddy Diamond Platnumz and his now-estranged lover Tanasha’ Donna’s relationship that recently hit rocks.

This Website revealed a few days back how Tanasha, who has a child with the singer, packed her belongings and fled Diamond’s house in Tanzania, after failing to cope up with the rate at which he chases after skirts.   

Diamond hooked  Tanasha in 2018 after being dumped by the mother of his two kids, Zari, who has now written a very heartfelt message for her now Ex Co-Wife, reminding her that she warned her, although Tanasha ignored the warning; it reads thus;

“Hello my younger sister

I am sincerely touched by what happened to you. What befell you is excruciatingly painful, especially for a pretty young woman like you

I’m greatly sorry for you dear. Paper fire does not burn for long. That is Diamond’s love to say the least. I had warned you in advance but you ignored. Maybe you thought I still had feelings for him. Now see the horrible situation in which he has put you!

I wouldn’t like to sound boastful. But I believe I’m the only woman that could handle Diamond. I loved that boy as though he were my own son. I gave him motherly love. Unfortunately, he still got courage to cheat on me with girls who knew nothing about life. On countless times I sat him down and advised him. For I knew he was still immature to reason like a father and hubby.

I know you will agree with me that he’s hardworking beneath the blankets. He’s undisputedly blessed. But his pride, his ridiculous weakness for women and his ugly character in general are sucking. That will be his downfall. Mungu si Athumani.

Sister, I understand you are not only single. But single mother too. Pick yourself up and wipe the dust. Put pieces of your broken heart together. Focus on your dreams. Soar up in the sky. Look for opportunities and network globally and transform yourself. Many great women of our days started as broken women.

I won’t advise you to stay away from men. Because we have good men with big heart and true love, almost everywhere. But my sister use your brain properly. Exercise virtue of patience. Don’t let your beauty deceive you into accepting every trousers just because they’re rich

Lest you become a laughing stock of those who are waiting for your downfall. Good character is better than fat wallet. Remember nothing is running away my sister. Men, however rich they may be, are not women’s financial breakthrough. When you depend on a man for everything. You give him power to mistreat and humiliate you. And by the way, money tastes sweeter when it’s your own. Strive to earn your own money

When you come to South Africa please let me know. I will take you to my shops and premises so you can see how grounded I am. I wish you all the best my sister.”

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